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The Nature of Gods is Launching in ONE WEEK!

Are you searching for a new Middle Grade fantasy-adventure series? Do you love mythology, mystical creatures, and epic quests? Well, then you have come to the right place! After seven-labor-of-love-years, the first book in the “The Nature of Gods” series is launching April 4th! EEEEEEEEE! If you can’t tell by my high-pitched scream, I am super excited.

The story follows Olivia, a sixteen-year-old artist with a desire to stay true to herself, crazy bedhead mess of hair and all, as she navigates this world overran by gods demanding worship. I don’t want to give too much away, but let me tease you with this tagline . . . All-powerful ancient deities are out to destroy the world; nothing that two girls can’t handle, right?

Hooked yet? Well then click over to to download the first two chapters for FREE.

I wrote this fantasy adventure novel for young girls who love to escape into fantasy worlds, embark on adventures, and meet uniquely awesome characters. My hope is to inspire and encourage girls to own their own brand of beauty and individuality, especially in spite of all the negativity that seems to bombard us in the world. Also, I hope this encourages girls to work together and to be strengthened by each other. Whether it be an encouraging word or action, we all possess the ability to build each other up.

Some awesome people have written some awesome reviews. Check them out:
Paper Faerie’s Youtube Channel:
Maribel’s Reader Inside Me:

And in case you were wondering, do not fear, I promise it will not take me 7 years to write the second book.

Until next time, keep adventuring (or pick up my book and start an adventure)!

D.J. Torres


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