Whooo . . . Are . . . Youuu?

Man, that caterpillar asks such great questions. So . . . who am I? Don’t worry . . . I’m not having an existential crisis. I just want to share a little about myself. So get ready because here is me in a nutshell.

Middle Grade Fantasy writer: I wrote a book for preteen girls called “The Nature of Gods.” If you are into fantasy, adventure, and mythology, then check out the book trailer at http://www.djtorresbooks.com!

Holiday Enthusiast: I can get behind any holiday because I love celebrating in general, but I love love LOVE Christmas. I literally decorate my entire house, top to bottom, with truckloads of Christmas spirit.

Dessert connoisseur: Cake is my friend. We use to be best friends until I became lactose intolerant. Despite the setback, dessert is still my favorite meal.

Fashion Disaster: I enjoy fashion. Sometimes I get it right. Sometimes I get it wrong. All the time I own it because I think you should wear what makes you happy.

Hopeless Romantic: I cry every time I see “Me Before You” . . . I am talking gator tears that could fill a horse’s trough.

TV Fanatic: Love me some TV. I am super sad Grimm just ended. But, on the bright side, I still have Dancing with the Stars, The Bachelor (and, of course, Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise), New Girl, Bull, Madam Secretary, Walking Dead, and Jane the Virgin (this list can go on and on and on) to keep me warm at night.

Lover of Awesome People: Did you know that people are awesome? Well, they are! And I love them!

Friend to All: In this day and age, we rush, rush, rush. But I think its super important to invest in relationships. Let’s be friends!

Bonus Tidbit about Me: I REALLY like organizing. If I’m stressed, I will start reorganizing everything in my path. It’s like my baby blanket, but with zero drool.

So, tell me, whooo . . . are . . . youuu?

Until next time, keep adventuring!

D.J. Torres


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