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Launch Party (Part 2)

As promised, here is a look at some of the fun that was had at The Nature of Gods Book Launch Extravaganza! This story is best told with tons of pictures! Enjoy!

It’s not a party without party treats and fancy water. The baked-with-tons-of-love cupcakes were topped with animals and tasted A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, and the Strawberry-Lime-Basil Water was beyond delicious and oh-so-pretty.


The books were on display, ready for eager readers to devour them! By the end of the event, we were sold out! EEEEEE!!!!


Most importantly, the photo booth was ready to capture the love. You can’t have a photo booth without butterfly wings, story-centered signs, flower crowns, handmade animal masks and ears.



Now that the scene is set, let’s meet some of the characters who turned this event into the most amazing day!

Overall, I wouldn’t change a thing! People came, had fun, and left eager to dive into The Nature of Gods! A girl couldn’t ask for anything more.

Until next time, keep adventuring!

D.J. Torres


Is it just me or does it seem like people have lost their excitement to make New Years Resolutions? Maybe I am just surrounded by a bunch of pessimistic folks who see past resolution failures as reasons to not make new goals (or even reestablish past goals). But I know there are still believers out there! Come on, I know I am not the only one on the planet who vows to work out more, eat healthier, or drink more water when that glittery ball drops.

Personally, I love resolutions because I never want to stop striving to become the best version of myself. I will admit that I haven’t reached every goal that I have ever set, but I don’t allow these setbacks to prevent my forward progress.

Over the past few years, I have changed things up a bit. Whenever my birthday rolls around, that’s when my resolutions start. Why? Because it’s a fresh start . . . a new year, not to the world, but to me.

So, without further ado, here are my resolutions for my year:

1) Launch my book

Exciting? Yes! Scary? Yes! Let’s just say that I am terrifiedly excited.

2) Put out a new blog at least once a week

My plan is to blog about life: the ups, the downs, and all the meaty goodness in between. I love writing so I don’t see this is a huge mountain to scale.

3) Find peace within the anxiety

Ever since I was in a car accident, I have struggled with anxiety. And, frankly, it’s really crippled me. However, I need to cut off the chains that bind me. Easier said then done, right? Well this year, I am adventuring to find peace within the chaos. Stay tuned for updates.

4) Do at least 20 minutes of yoga 4 days a week

Baby steps, people, baby steps! I use to be so active, but the older I get, the less active I become. This changes now! Bring on the downward dog!

5) Add variety to life

I have noticed that life can easily become such a routine. Routines can be good because they provide structure, and they mostly feel good because they are comfortable and predictable, but this year, I want to get outside of my routine at least once a week. This can include coffee with a friend, a walk in a new location, or attending a fun event.

Listen, I totally get that some weeks I will fail. Some weeks I will be so on fire that I will run circles around my goals. Either way, I’m excited for this clean slate, as well as for the opportunity to grow to become a better version of myself! It may sound cliché, but the adventure can be just as good and rewarding as the destination.

Until next time, keep adventuring!

D.J. Torres

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Hello, World!

Hello and welcome to my blog! I thought I would start this blogging journey with an introduction (because I am super original like that).

My name is D.J. Torres, and in less than a month, I am releasing my first novel (cue the high-pitched squeals of pure joy)! The Nature of Gods is a middle grade fantasy adventure novel, which is geared towards preteens, teens, as well as that inner teen still living within all of us. If you can’t tell, I am super excited about this new chapter in my life (Teehee, see what I did there? Book humor).

Anyways, I want to use this blog to talk about my escapades in this foreign world of publishing, but, also, I want to chat about life. Life is definitely a journey, and let’s face it, it’s a much more enjoyable and entertaining journey when you make friends along the way. I would love to connect and encourage others to follow their dreams. Want to be a doctor? YES! I believe that you can totally destroy that MCAT exam with your knowledge. Want to write hard-hitting journalism pieces that will be responsible for dismantling the antiquated systems in place? YES! Channel your inner Diane Sawyer and slay that truth!

Sadly, I feel like more and more people chose to stomp on dreams instead of offering a heaping dose of encouragement. Well, that’s definitely not the case here. Encouragement is my middle name. Sure, following your dreams is scary, but it’s less scary when someone has your back and believes in you. So let’s do that for each other!

Besides encouragement, here are some examples of delightful things you might hear from me on this blog.

I can’t stop binge watching Gilmore Girls. Season 1 of the fast-talking duo turns into Season 2, which turns into Season 3, and then I meet Logan (swoon). Soon I find myself on the last episode of the Revival, hearing those last four words. Then I get so sad. Stars Hollow … where did you go? Kirk? Lane? Mom? Oops, sorry, I meant Emily. So I do the next logical thing and start all over again on Season 1 to get my Stars Hollow fix. It’s a vicious cycle … one I do not want to fight.

I recently went into one of those deprivation chambers where you float in salt water in the pitch-black. You can’t see or hear anything for 75 minutes. Yes, you heard me right … 75 MINUTES (also known as 4500 seconds when you are floating alone in the darkest room you will ever encounter). Funny enough, I totally recommend it. Besides all the health benefits (lower blood pressure, release of anxieties, decompression of joints, receiving your daily dose of potassium), you have a huge sense of accomplishment because you stayed in a pitch black room where sound doesn’t exist all by yourself for 75 minutes. Savage!

So let’s recap!

1)   I’m following my dream of publishing

2)   I want to encourage you to follow your dreams

3)   If I’m not blogging or writing the sequel to The Nature of Gods, I’m probably watching Gilmore Girls or finding another rabbit hole to fall down

4)   Join me on the adventure! Let me know what’s going on in your life!

Until next time, keep adventuring!

D.J. Torres